Bojan Marjanovic is an Oslo based pianist/composer/arranger of versatile musical capabilities and interests which spread from the genre of classical to improvised music and contemporary jazz. Even though he has started his career as a classical musician, Bojan has become interested in other music genres from the early beginning. Despite his ambivalence, Bojan has translated his multi-stylistic identity and curiosity into an exploration of music that ignores stylistic bounds. He has always seen himself at the intersection of various improvised music genres, though at this point his deepest roots lie in a piano as a medium, exploring its expressive possibilities and the ways of making music. With wide ranging influences from both American and European jazz masters, to the 20th-century classical composers, Bojan moves effortlessly between jazz and classical music in his performance.


Bojan was growing up by studying classical piano, but was being involved in jazz and other genres primarily as a self-taught musician by learning music through intensive listening and transcribing his favourite recordings. After years of working on many projects and gaining experience by playing with different musicians, he received a formal jazz education when he got his second Master`s degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway.

Bojan was born in Serbia (former Yugoslavia). Even though he started his piano training when he was fifteen, Bojan managed to continue his education path at academic level after only four years of studying music. His formal education includes studies of Classical piano performance at Faculty of Music in Belgrade (Serbia), Jazz composition and arranging at Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) and at Norwegian Academy of Music (Oslo, Norway), as well as Jazz piano performance at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Bojan has completed his education by receiving the terminal degrees in piano performance both in classical and jazz area. Simultaneously with his academic training, he has been active not only as a classical pianist, but also as a jazz pianist within many projects both as a sideman and the leader. He has been living in Norway since 2016.

During studying, Bojan got the opportunity to participate in many projects and to play with some of well-known Norwegian jazz musicians such as Ole Morten Vågan, Thomas Strønen, Atle Nymo etc. He has given numerous performances (both solo and with different ensembles) at festivals and concerts in most European countries, as well as in Canada and USA. Among others, the prize at Debut International Piano Competition provided him with an opportunity for solo debut recital at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 2014.