© Aleksandar Jevremović 2021

Hüm invites the listener into a jazz landscape where the European jazz tradition meets contemporary music. In the trio’s musical expression, the Nordic jazz aesthetics collides with classically inspired textures, sometimes written in odd meters. The band’s philosophy is based on an equal presence of instruments in interplay and a compositional way of thinking that originates from chamber music.

In the debut album, with the title “Don’t take it so personally,” Hüm strives to explore the possibilities of fitting improvisation into composition in the way that blurs the distinction between improvised and through-composed music. Yet, the music is based on carefully elaborated structural elements. By creating the frames with distinct rhythmic, melodic and harmonic devices, through-composed sections are surrounded by improvised parts characterized by interactive listening and open sonic landscapes. Composing of the music is directly tailored to fellow musicians’ personal expression and playing style. The project idea is to create the improvised music based on different musical vocabulary and divergent musical backgrounds of the trio members.

Bjørnar Kaldefoss Tveite – double bass
Magnus Sefaniassen Eide – drums
Bojan Marjanović – piano

“HÜM’s debut album is simply a gem within European piano jazz” – Salt Peanuts