3×3: Piano Trios: March 2022

There’s a certain humanistic angle to HÜM (whether that’s what the name is actually meant to signify or not). This trio is all about blending things into a whole -the pieces of their individual musical makeups, lead and rhythm parts, and written frameworks and improvisation. The inner blurb of Don’t Take It So Personally mentions roots in European jazz and chamber music (and those who enjoy a little refined Scandinavian sensibility would find plenty to love), while the overall whole never feels tied to any sound or niche.

Without much concern for forms, HÜM unconcernedly wanders anywhere their fancy takes them. The structures loosen and stretch until they barely sound like forms. They groove sometimes in odd time signatures, sometimes in even ones that somehow feel odd. While the patterns continually mutate, the trio knows they can trust each other to stretch things as much as the mood takes them and bring each other in to shore together. It’s a subtle alluring experience where that steady flowing turns out to be the main constant; the song patterns and the group’s interplay are always in flux, easy to follow yet impossible to pin down.